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You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.

Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.

You are an excellent listener with almost infinite patience.

You have complex feelings, and you take great care to express them.

In love, you see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow.

You enjoy relationships when they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.

At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable

don't be afraid of the dark

ontd_creepy What are you afraid of? meme

1.) Would you say that you are easily scared? List your fear level on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being a MAJOR scaredy cat!
Umm.. probably about a 4 or 5 depending. Media doesn't scare me too much but I'm a super paranoid mofo when it comes to real situations.

2.) What are the three things that scare you the most?
Crazy people and by that I mean those folks you've seen or heard about that just <i>snap</i> one day.
Car accidents- I used to have nightmares about them.
Loosing my loved ones.

3.) Have you ever seen a ghost? And if so, were you frightened?
Not really... I had one very minor ghost thing that I want to believe but it's still filled in my "not proof" file. I'd love to see one though. Until then I remain a skeptic.

4.) What are the top 3 scariest movies that you have ever seen?
Final Destination
The Ring (but only the first time I watched it)
The Shining (since The Ring doesn't really count lol)

5.) What are the top 3 scariest books that you have ever read?

Kiss Me Like You Love Me (it didn't *scare* me, but I felt super uneasy while reading it)

6.) Out of the following, which one do you think has the highest scare factor: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, The Mummy or none of them?
Ummm... I guess The Mummy but I've never really been into any of these guys.

7.) Which one of the following acts of Nature scare you the most: Tornados, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Lightning Storms, Blizzards...?
Tornadoes even though I think they're incredible to watch (on tv!). Hurricanes can be scary especially since I live on the coast in the southeast but we're in a little pocket that makes them avoid us most of the time. I love lightning storms as long as I'm indoors or under shelter.

8.) Lots Of Gore - or - Subtle, Psychological Scares? Which is the *bigger* scare for you?
Gore scares me more during the scene but subtle and psychological scares stay with me longer. They're harder to turn off.

9.) What do you think is the scariest way to die?
Anything but in my sleep really. haha

10.) Would you ever spend the entire night - by yourself - in a house that was reported to be "authentically" haunted?
Yeah probably as long as reports of the entity were harmless.

11.) Do you get scared when you visit staged Haunted Houses - that you pay admission for?
Yeah but it's just a "boo" scare and the antici.....pation spooks me a little.

12.) Do you *enjoy* getting the boo-boo-gee-bees scared out of you?
Sometimes. :)

13.) Which scares you more: a really scary book - or - a really scary movie?

14.) Does the thought of aliens scare you? Have you ever had a close encounter?
YES. I used to be really scared of them. No encounters but I'd like to see something in the sky I can't explain.

15.) Are you afraid of bugs? If so, what is the bug that absolutely creeps you out the most?
Kind of... if I know the bug is there and it's not too close to me I'm fine. (I have a spider camping out near my window at work and I love watching him.) Bug swarms are scary.... I don't like hive mentality. *heebiejeebie*

16.) If you had a choice, and you HAD to pick one of the following; would you rather be: a.) Eaten alive, b.) Burned alive or c.) Buried alive?
D: None of those if I can help it! Definitely not burned alive, I honestly don't know between the other 2.

17.) What is the grossest, scariest thing you have ever eaten (or drank)?
EASY: Jones Soda Holiday pack that had turkey and gravy, cranberry, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie, and stuffing. We tasted each flavor and they were all horrifying. The "best" was the cranberry, the worst either the sprouts or the pie.

18.) Have you ever visited a graveyard at night? And if so, have you ever laid down upon one of the graves?

19.) Do Ouija boards scare you?
They're creepy but I don't believe in them so not really to me.

20.) Abandoned Haunted House - or - Abandoned Insane Asylum... which one is scarier?
Asylum! Some pretty awful stuff went on in those things. :(

21.) Do you enjoy scaring others?
YES I kind of hope I can be a ghost when I die so I can scare people. If I had telepathy this is the only thing I'd use it for beyond just being lazy. haha I only scare people that I know will be ok with it and not genuinely upset though.

22.) What is the best scary prank you have pulled on someone?
I managed to get a hold of a friend's day planner once and wrote cryptic messages in it referring to her doing something that she shouldn't have been doing. Not that great of a story but it was funny when it happened.

23.) Have you ever seen an actual dead body; firsthand - and not including at funerals?
When my husband's grandfather passed away in hospice we were in the room with him for a little while before the funeral service came for him.

24.) Is there any music that creeps you out? If so, what is it?
I can't think of any.

25.) Is there any piece of art that creeps you out? If so, what is it?

I find this one disturbing. :<

26.) What creature do you think is the scariest of all? (No make-believe creatures please).
I don't know... people are pretty scary. Oooo... and this thing.

27.) Do you think that you could ever stand by and watch a mortician prepare a body for burial without getting scared, creeped out or physically sick?

28.) Do you have many nightmares? If so, what would you say is your worst one?
Not too often; my worst was when I dreamed about my husband and I getting into a car accident. I also used to have a recurring nightmare where I was in this big white room and there was a booming voice talking to me but I couldn't understand it. Not that scary but I guess I thought it "meant" something because I kept having it for a few years.

29.) Do dolls, puppets or clowns scare you?
I think they're creepy but I'm not really scared of them. I kind of like clowns and puppets tbh.

30.) And finally.... what is the best scary story of something that has happened to you?
I was walking to the little corner store one afternoon when I was like 13 or so. There was a guy in front of the store straddling his bike. I didn't think too much of it but he was watching me so I just kind of regarded it and moved on. When I left I noticed he was gone so I felt a little better. I looked back at the store and he had <i>hidden behind the building and started riding his bike toward me when I saw him</i>.


Ran home and locked my doors.
don&#39;t be afraid of the dark

Ghost walk!

A few weeks ago when Goat and Dusk were visiting we headed downtown for a ghost walk! I took a lot of pictures but while my phone has a decent camera, most of them didn't really turn out too well...Collapse )
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I forgot to mention that we also took our cats to the vet for shots, flea treatment, and deworming this weekend. One of them is overweight and one is getting there; one is perfect. We knew he was and had bought the Science Diet weight loss stuff and when we moved into the house he became much more active since he had more space. We could tell he was loosing but then he started gaining again. He's fat. Like, reeeeaaally fat. Dangerous fat actually. We've been feeding him too much of the diet food. So we've overhauled their eating routine and have an actual measuring cup so we can keep up with everything. They hate the new routine and hate us for it. :( They're restless, and jittery; bouncing off the walls one minute and hiding under the bed for an hour the next. I hate it for them but as soon as we get them to the proper weight we can give them the "maintenence" amount rather than the "wieght loss" amount. They also hate that we started putting thier bowls in separtate rooms other than the kitchen. Anyway, they'll get used to it after awhile. And they'll be healthier for it.

I'm going to be applying for an ER tech position tonight. It's only part-time, so it's not preferred, but I'm worried I'm going to start forgetting stuff. I need to start working. At the very least it'll get my foot in the door. My goal is still to get on the truck but while I can tell a difference with what I've been doing physically, I'm still not strong enough to pass that physical. I'm going to start going back to my cousin's station again to specifically work on lifting stretchers, dragging hoses, and slinging the sledge hammers, but in the meantime I'm going to focus on getting this ER tech gig. He said it's a great hospital to work for. Plus at some point I'd really like to get on with Effingham hospital (woot! 10 minute ride to work!) and this hospital would be a great place to start.  

I'm off on Friday and couldn't be happier about it. <3

omg sunflowers

Weekend wrap up.

It was a pretty busy one this weekend, yet I don't really feel like I got anything done. :( First we grilled for the first time on the new grill Friday night. I made BBQ kabobs with tofu, onion, peppers, and mushrooms plus we did little potatoes and corn on the cob. Panda ate steak; with my recent consideration over whether or not I may start eating seafood again, out of complete curiousity I stuck my face near his plate and took a big wiff of his steak. Not interested. At ALL. Blech! D:

Saturday he grilled some chicken and I put my leftovers in a foil pack and grilled that. We ate really delicious rice with it (saute the dry grains with garlic, herbs, and butter on medium heat then add your liquid and cook like normal- SO GOOD). We started watching a movie and kept pausing it since the Dish Net guy showed up to install our satellite. We're so excited to have tv again! It took a long time since the box he brought first was not working. When it was finally done I said that as excited I was that we had TV again, I'd kind of like to finish the movie we were watching of Netflix and wouldn't you know it? Not only did we find it on Showtime, it was in the exact place we left off. B)

More grilling for dinner and we headed to my mom and dad's to ride with them into Savannah to see my cousin's band play. They did a good job but the tiny dirty bar venue late at night isn't really our thing. We stayed for a few sets and went home. I slept in really late and wasn't feeling well. By the time I got out of bed Panda had already mowed the lawn. It looks great! It's the first time we've mowed since we've been here. He did a great job. :)

Pizza for lunch and then, I don't know. The day just sort of got away from me. I know we watched a movie and I took a short nap but I don't really know what else and I never even turned my computer on. We grilled again for dinner. I drew a little bit but nothing to completion and nothing for the Iron Artist.

Today I've been kind of kicking myself around, I feel really unaccomplished over the weekend and it's led me to feeling bitter about career stuff both animation stuff and EMS stuff. I feel like I can't get anything to work for me and it's my fault. :( It's like I'm scared to succeed at something. It's got me antsy, anxious, and depressed this morning and mad at myself. I've just got to hunker down and get this done. I'm tired of feeling inept and sorry for myself.

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adorable Rewty

art stuff and jogging

Been playing around with some ATCs and enjoying that. they're fun and little and easy to get along with. :) My first variety pack I'm themeing around fruit. It's being quite entertaining to design and each one I've made has led me to thinking about other little designs.

I finally found some freaking white gel pens!! I've been looking everywhere for them and had finally figured I was going to have to head downtown to the art stores that cater to SCAD students but they were hiding in the scrapbooking section at Michael's. I also got  some pretty cardstock to make some bages on. I've been interested in making them before and they turned out ok, but I never finished them. Now that I've been working out my traditional media muscles I'm ready to try again.

I'm also going to be working on some designs for a zazzle store. Not that I'm money-grubby or anything, but since art never panned out to be my career like I'd planned it would at least be nice to maybe keep doing it as a little side job on top of doing it for fun and entertainment. I know I can make it happen, I just need to work the rust off.

I went jogging yesterday and I can honestly say it's the first time I've ever been excited to work out again the next day. I went farther than ever and could have done even better except that I didn't hydrate well yesterday. I went just under a half a mile without stopping which while not terribly impressive by others' standards is a personal best for me. I found when I slowed to a walk to catch my breath I wasn't sweating like I should have been and my neck and arms were clammy. I know I could have run the other half but decided it wasn't safe to. I've been drinking a lot more water today and I'm ready to get home and try again!

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We had a great housewarming party. :) Well, after I spent nearly an hour digging glass out of my foot. (Stepped on a rogue shard in the kitchen; we have no clue where it came from). Mom and Paula arrived around 1:00 to set up. It was a little hectic since I had planned to be done with my preparations before they got there but I had the issue with my foot. I ended up making about a dozen rolls of sushi (96 pcs- veggie, cucumber, and tuna- half regular and half spicy) and a little over a dozen pieces of onigiri. Paula and Mom brought wings, meatballs, fruit trays, veggie trays, yummy yummy punch, shrimp, chips and dip, peanuts, cheesecake, and wow I'm probably forgetting something. It was a really nice spread and everyone enjoyed it!

We recieved some lovely gifts which I will have me busy with thank you letters! We got a shower curtain for the  guest bath (just in time for guests in a few weekends), some little cute solar lights to line the driveway with, a welcome mat with an owl :3, a couch cover since it'll be awhile before we can afford to replace the furniture, a nice spice rack, several very useful gift cards, and Mom and Dad got us a grill! :D So excited! We used to grill out all the time when we had one in the rental house but then we had to get rid of it when we moved to the apartment. We'll need to use some of the gift cards for a lawnmower. Not what I'd like to spend them on but we can't go much longer without one. The lawn's looking pretty shaggy. ETA: Oh yeah! I forgot! Remember the outdoor thermometer we had and someone stole the little reciever? Panda's dad got us a new one! haha We've got the little box hidden this time. :3

In addition to the whirwind of cleaning, cooking, party, eating, more cleaning, etc. I was mulling some things over that have been bothering me lately. I've been having some a bit of a food identity crisis and another personal issue and I sort of feel like I've identified some things I need to address personally. Panda and I talked about them for a little while and he's always so understanding. <3 I've got some consideration to take on one and action on the other. I feel good about it.